Im November 2022 hatte ich die großartige Chance, einen Workshop bei der wunderbaren Jenny Buckner zu besuchen.  Zwei Tage konnten wir Auge in Auge mit den Wölfen im WolfPark, Indiana, fotografieren und anschließend die besten Motive unter Jennys Anleitung in Öl malen.  Ein unvergessliches und unglaublich lehrreiches Abenteuer!


About the Artist

Jenny Buckner was born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina. She is a wife and a mother to two grown kids. Initially Jenny considered becoming a veterinarian, or a floriculturist. However, in the year 1998 everything changed. Jenny fell into a dark depression, but, one night would change everything. Jenny awoke from a dream where God told her to paint. So, she did! Within a year she had won a national competition with one of her paintings. And the rest is history.


Jenny has gone on to be published in multiple magazines and newspapers as well as placing in and winning several art competitions, including an "International Artist Magazine's" competition. She was featured in their February/March 2015 edition and has also been published in the book "How to Paint People", Vol. 1, by International Artist. She uses her talents as a testimony to the power of Christ in her work, and is eager to teach young aspiring artists.


“A painting creates an emotion just like a story does. As long as you’re emotionally involved somehow, you’re going to keep on reading, you’re going to keep looking, keep being drawn into the story, into the painting.” — Jenny


Jenny is currently featured in galleries across the country, along with doing personal commission work.


She currently paints in the historical town of Waynesville, North Carolina, where she can be found blasting her rock music in her beautiful studio surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Jenny has since grown immensely in her work and style, and truly cannot be categorized into a single area of oil painting. She loves painting, and paints so others can love her work as well.


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